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Junior Handling Questions (WUSV/GSDL-BRG-Events)                   

6-11 years old

  • Where is the croup?

  • Where are the pasterns?

  • Where are the withers?

  • Where is the upper arm?

  • Where is the hock?

  • How many teeth should a GSD have?

  • What is a dam?

  • What age is a dog too old for puppy classes?

  • What is the GSD`s country of origin


12-16 years old

  • What is the maximum height for a male GSD?

  • What is the maximum height for a female GSD?

  • What age of dog is allowed in the Minor Puppy class?

  • Name one undesirable colour of GSD?

  • Name two acceptable colours of GSD

  • What should you make sure your dog has enough of on a hot day?

  • What is the minimum age of dogs allowed to enter in the Adult class?

  • What is the minimum age that a dogs hips and elbows can be scored?

  • In what age class does the gun test start?

  • What colour should a dogs nails be?

  • Where should a dogs tail extend to?

  • Name a desirable quality of the croup?

  • How should a GSD stand behind?

  • What must a long coat GSD have if they are to be shown?

  • Which class involves off lead gaiting at Regional shows?

  • Where is the loin?

  • Who is the sire of your dog?

  • What type of bite should a GSD have?

  • Name two important health tests for the GSD?

  • How many teeth should a GSD have?

  • What shape should the eyes be?

  • Which person in the ring should attention be paid to at all times?

  • What is a judge looking for when sending a dog away and back?

  • How old must a dog be to achieve an SG grading?

  • What is the German breed survey called?

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