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1 .       In these regulations unless there is something in the subject or context inconsistent therewith:-

`The League` means the above named German Shepherd Dog League of Great Britain Limited.

` The Council` means the council

for the time being of the League constituted as thereafter mentioned.

Words denoting the singular number shall include corporations:

`Month` means calendar month

`Offices` means the Principal Office for the time being of the League

`Register` means register of members.

`Registered address means the address of the member for the time being appearing in the register.

`In writing` means written or typewritten or printed or partly written or typewritten or printed.


2.    The objectives for which the League is established are

I.     To advance the breed of German Shepherd Dogs in Great Britain

II.    To regulate the show points and working standards of German Shepherd Dogs

III.   To co operate with and extend and amplify the efforts of other clubs, Leagues or associations formed for the like or similar purposes.                       

IV.   To assist breeders and owners of German Shepherd Dogs by providing means of practical co-operation among them.

V.    For the exemplifying of good sportsmanship and unselfishness amongst all those interested in the breed of German  Shepherd      Dogs, and to do all things conductive to the formation of a common policy for promoting the ultimate unification of the whole German Shepherd Dog Movement in the British Isles or elsewhere.

VI.   To hold periodical or other meetings of the members of the League in England or elsewhere, or other societies, clubs or of              persons in any way interested in or connected with canine members. To promote, hold arrange dog shows competitions and                matches, either independently or in connection with any person or persons, show or other committees, body or bodies,  whether          corporate or not, and either alone or in connection with any other canine or other exhibitions of a canine nature or of interest to dog owners with the object of encouraging the breeding and propagation of the German Shepherd Dog and the promotion of interest in canine matters. To acquire exhibition and other requisites for the purpose of canine exhibitions, also of furniture, fittings and effects required by the League in connection with any object for which the League is founded.

VII.   To offer prizes, awards and distinctions, and to contribute towards the provision of prizes, awards and distinctions of merit in          connection with canine matters, also for the purpose of any show, competition or match or other exhibition whether held by or  in        connection with the League or not.

VIII.  Subject to the approval of the Kennel Club, to affiliate with, join, subscribe to, become a member of or allied with or co-operate    with any person or persons or any body or association whether incorporated or not - whose objectives are altogether or in part  of a  canine nature, or, not being so, whose objectives or works are considered by the League to be likely to assist towards attaining any      one or more of its objectives.

IX.   To promote in canine matters honourable practice, to supress malpractice, to settle, promote and arrange the settlement of        disputes by arbitration or otherwise, and to act as or nominate arbitrators and umpires as may be deemed expedient and to decide  questions of usage, courtesy and customs provided always that The Kennel Club shall be the last court of appeal in all matters of        dispute.

X.    To provide accommodation and other facilities for the conduct of the League and carrying out all or any of its objectives, and        with the same objectives, either alone or in conjunction with others to acquire by purchase, taking on lease, or otherwise, land,              buildings and all other property, real and personal, corporeal and incorporeal, which may be lawfully held, and so far as the law or    licence of the board of trade may from time to time allow to resell under lease or sub-let, surrender, exchange, turn to account, and    dispose of such property or any part thereof to erect upon such land any building for the purpose of or alter any existing building acquired by the League also to purchase or otherwise acquire furniture, effects, dogs and any other kind of property which may be acquired for the purpose of the League. To borrow, raise or secure the payment of money in such a manner as the League may think fit and to take any gift or property, whether subject to any special trustor not, for all or any one or more of the objectives of the League.

XI.   To remunerate the officers, judges , and employees of the League or any other persons in good faith for their services rendered in conjunction with the League or canine or other matters and do all such other lawful acts of things incidental or conducive to  the    attainment of the objectives of the League. Out of the funds of the League to defray all the expenses incurred in connection with its    formation.

XII.   To contribute out of the funds of the League to the funds of any other canine body or to the funds of any exhibition, show or other competition or to the funds of any club, committee, or other body or person promoting the same , or towards the promotion of  any objective of canine interest or of a canine nature which shall be deemed to be for the benefit of the German Shepherd Dog movement. 

X111.   To contribute out of the funds of the League towards any charitable objective, and to promote dog shows or exhibitions wholly   or partly, in aid of charity.



3.      All challenge cups and special prizes shall be vested in the council, who may take such rules thereto as they may think fit. In the           event of the League ceasing to exist the cups, trophies and all other assets shall be dealt with by the council as provided in rule            20.

4     Any member who shall win one of the Leagues challenge cups or trophies and wish to take possession of same shall give a                   guarantee for its safekeeping to the secretary, and the member shall be liable for the full value of the said cups and trophies                 whilst in his possession. The said cups or trophies shall be returned by the holder to the secretary at the chief office of the League         on the holder receiving six days notice in writing requiring him so to do, which notice may be given at any time. In the event of               there being a cup or trophy for which the terms upon which it may be won had not been specified then it will be necessary for              any one exhibitor to win the cup or trophy three times consecutively or four times times in all non consecutively, and if a member        after scoring one or more wins for such cups and trophies resigns from or ceases to be a member of the League, such win cease        to count, and if such a member re joins the club he starts on the same footing as members who have not scored any such wins.

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