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GSD League of Great Britain


The GSD League of Great Britain hereby  establishes a clear foundation within its constitution, rules and regulations, for all WUSV activities which fall under the obligations and responsibilities required by the GSD League`s membership. These obligations are contained in the Constitution of the WUSV, in particular Section 12, Duties of the member associations.

Reproduced below:

Constitution of the WUSV: Section 12

Duties of the member associations

(1) The member associations are obligated to:

1. comply with the constitutions, regulations and terms of execution in the version in operation and accept decisioNs and resolutions of the bodies of the WUSV:

This particularly is effected by:

a) recognising the racial features of the German Shepherd as stipulated by the SV;

b) recognising the Breeding Book for German Shepherds and the Book of Selection for breeding purposes of the SV as mother country of the breed as well as the Breeding Books and Books of Selection for Breeding purposes of those countries and member associations which pursue the breeding of the German Shepherd based on the provisions of the SV and are WUSV members;  The mutual recognition in any case comprises all Breeding Books and Books of Selection for Breeding Purposes which are recognised by the SV. This irrespective of the recognition by cynological organisations which do not  belong to the FCI: the creation of a  common Breeding Book accepted by the cynological world organisations is a long term objective

c) control of breeding, raising, owning and training on the basis of the regulations of the SV;

d) setting up and carrying out activities for the selection for breeding purposes in accordance with Regulations for teh Selection for Breeding Purposes of the SV:

e) holding of breeding events on the basis of the Regulations of the SV;

F) holding of own and support of recognised training activities including herding;

g) holding of own and support of recognised youth activities:

h) training and admission of expert judges and masters for the selection for breeding in accordance with the Regulations for Judges of the SV and the WUSV:

i) setting up and carrying out tattooing and microchipping;


j) effecting the WUSV world championship in accordance with the Examination Regulations of the SV, which must be carried out each year by another member association.

2. Settle all payments on time.

3. inform the Managing Board at the office about changes in their place of their business of the member association:

4. make public complaints and accusations towards member associations of the association only in: accordance with the spirit of comradeship and not out of the WUSV and only to the Management board or within the Member`s Meeting.

5. Member Clubs of the WUSV have the obligation to manage all the friends and fans of the German Shepherd Dog within their national field of activity and to allow them access to all possible activities carried out by the Club.

6. This also includes the representation of interests of Shepherd Dog lovers both under the terms of WUSV membership and also under the terms of the respective national canine organisation.

7. Member Clubs of the WUSV have the duty to provide WUSV -Observers all relevant information and assistance that are necessary for the WUSV-Observer to fulfil his/her responsibilities.

8. If one member country two or more associations are members of the WUSV, each member club shall be obliged to allow the members of the other Member Clubs to participate in their events, unless there is a club ban for this member.

The Member Clubs of the WUSV aim to recognise examinations, breeding evaluations, certificates and/or breeding selections of other Member Clubs as far as possible. If, examinations, breeding evaluations, certificates and/or breeding selections are awarded by an international WUSV judge or masters for selection for breeding on the basis of a respective WUSV regulation, all Member Clubs of the WUSV shall be obliged to recognise these in full.


The GSD League of Great Britain (GSDL) is solely responsible for all the obligations placed upon it as a member association of the WUSV. Therefore all Rules and Regulations herein can only be agreed and amended under the Constitution of the GSD League of Great Britain at a GSD League Annual General Meeting (AGM), Special General Meeting (SGM) or Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) and/or b - by changes to the WUSV Constitution.

The obligations placed upon the GSD League under the WUSV Constitution, particularly Section 12 above, are considerable and challenging. The GSD League has made considerable progress over recent years, in particular in co-ordinating the planning, developing and organising of Regional Events based on the Regulations of the SV and WUSV as referred to under the WUSV Constitution, Section 12 above.

In order to manage all the friends and fans of the German Shepherd Dog within Great Britain and to allow them access to all possible activities carried out by the GSD League of Great Britain, the GSD League has organised and established over recent years a WUSV/GSD League - British Regional Group (BRG). This has the title WUSV/GSDL-BRG.

The WUSV/GSDL-BRG facilitates other GSD Clubs/Groups throughout Great Britain to have the opportunity to organise and host WUSV activities through affiliation to the GSD League in accordance with these GSD League Rules and Regulations, which are specifically formulated to regulate our WUSV Regional Event activities.

The WUSV/GSD League -British Regional Group (WUSV/GSDL-BRG) gas established a WUSV/GSDL-BRG Management Committee in order to ensure that all WUSV activities that fall within the GSD League`s obligations and responsibilities under the WUSV Constitution are very well managed under these GSD Rules and Regulations. This is a substantial and very important responsibility and done entirely through volunteers, whom we appreciate and trust to use their best endeavours, co-operation, diligence and integrity in fulfilling these considerable responsibilities.

The "WUSV/GSDL-BRG" Title must appear in all documents, schedules, catalogues, advertisements, facebook pages, website pages and any other media used in the promotion, organisation, communication, hosting and publicity etc. in anyway connected with the WUSV/GSDL-BRG.

The GSD League and our WUSV/GSDL-BRG will constantly strive to provide a wide range of WUSV activities for the enjoyment of all who participate and attend.

The GSD League and our WUSV/GSDL-BRG will constantly strive to continually improve the levels of benefits, achievements and enjoyment these WUSV activities can offer.

The GSD League and our WUSV/GSDL-BRG will constantly strive to resolve any challenges encountered in a most considerate manner. Most importantly we ask all friends and fans of the German Shepherd Dog for your patience, consideration, assistance, and support in helping us to succeed in these endeavours, for the benefit of our GSD breed and all GSD friends and fans throughout Great Britain.

A.  Aims and Objectives

A1             The aims of the WUSV/GSDL-BRG are as follows

  • To promote the health and welfare of the German Shepherd Dog

  • To provide a medium for members to exchange views and information

  • To organise and arrange events based for the GSD based on WUSV rules

  • To provide and educational base for sharing information on:-                                                                                                                                     

  • WUSV rules and regulations​                                                                                                                                                                                                    * 

  • Mandatory health issues                                                                                                                                                                                                          *   

  • Working qualifications

  • To promote the GSD as per the WUSV standard

  • To assist members in obtaining qualifications based on the WUSV system 

  • BH       

  • AD   

  • IGP 1,2& 3   

  • KOERUNG     

  • KOERUNG (LEBENZEIT/LIFE)                                                                                                                                                                                                               


A2        Objectives of the WUSV/GSDL-BRG


To promote a sound, healthy German Shepherd Dog, conforming to the breed standard and which is capable of achieving the minimum required to obtain a British Breed Survey pass.


To organise a calendar of a Regional Events to be posted on the WUSV/GSDL-BRG League websites, where the aim is to give at least one year`s notice regarding forthcoming events.


B. General


B1          It is an objective of the WUSV/GSDL-BRG to ensure that training, events and competition are conducted with the maximum safety to all persons concerned. Failure to comply with any of the safety rules may result in immediate suspension pending disciplinary action.  (See disciplinary code). The WUSV/GSD-BRG will not tolerate bullying of its members, guests, judges or exhibitors. This organisation will treat all its members with respect & fairness.


B2         WUSV/GSDL-BRG is made up of the GSD League and Clubs/Groups affiliated to the GSD League 


B3         The WUSV/GSDL-BRG Management Committee will consist of the following officers:

Chairperson - the Chair will always be appointed by the  GSD League Council

The WUSV/GSDL-BRG General Secretary and Treasurer will be appointed by nomination and voted for by the WUSV/GSDL-BRG Management Committee.       


B4         The WUSV/GSDL-BRG Management Committee cannot alter or amend any GSD League Rules and Regulations. The rules of the GSD League may only be altered at a GSD League Members Annual General Meeting (AGM)or Special General Meeting (SGM), notice of which includes details of the proposal to alter the rules. Rule alterations approved by a GSD League Members AGM or SGM shall be adopted immediately and be included with immediate effect or another date if agreed at the AGM or SGM .


C. WUSV/GSDL-BRG Affiliation


C1.         For GSD Clubs/Groups to be considered for affiliation to the WUSV/GSDL-BRG the objectives of the Clubs/Groups must be considered by the League to be likely to assist towards  attaining any one or more of its objectives referred too under the WUSV Constitution, Section 12 above. A written application to the General Secretary of the WUSV/GSDL-BRG must be made who will issue the necessary forms for affiliation to the WUSV/GSDL-BRG as appropriate.

C2.        Affiliation will be on an annual basis with the required fees due each year on 1st January. Approval for affiliation to the WUSV/GSDL-BRG is at the sole discretion of the WUSV/GSDL-BRG Management Committee.

C3.        Every affiliated GSD Club/Group will pay an annual Affiliation Fee due to the WUSV/GSDL-BRG.


D.  WUSV/GSDL-BRG Committee

D1.        The WUSV/GSDL-BRG Management Committee shall manage the day to day affairs of the WUSV/GSDL-BRG.

D2.       The WUSV/GSDL-BRG will be appointed by the GSDL Council and will be a League Council member.

D3.       The following Officers shall be appointed from within and by the elected WUSV/GSDL-BRG Management Committee:

  • General Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Awards Co-ordinator

  • Events Co-ordinator

D4.       Officers of the WUSV/GSDL-BRG will serve 3 years in office, where by they will then be up for re-election. This is with the exception of the Chair, who will remain in office until such time as he/she resigns and/or the GSD League Council appoints a replacement.

D5.       The remainder of the WUSV/GSDL-BRG Management Committee will consist of no more than two delegates from the GSD League and from each individual GSD Club/Group. The two delegates representing their GSD Club/Group need not be the same two delegates, although for reasons of continuity, it is advisable.

D6.       To aid continuity each GSD Club/Group by permission of the Chair may bring one (non-voting) observer to a meeting.

D7.       Each GSD Club/Group will have one vote. Where votes are tied the Chair will have the casting vote.

D8.      Each delegate representing a GSD Club/Group should carry a mandate from that GSD Club/Group allowing them to exercise their own opinion and vote on any proposals, made or amended, at any WUSV/GSDL-BRG management meeting they attend but they are obliged to represent the views of their members on matters upon which those members have been consulted.

D9.       On all matters of a `point of order`, the Chair`s decision will be final.

D10.     WUSV/GSDL-BRG awards administrator 

The WUSV/GSDL-BRG management committee will appoint an Awards  Administrator who will keep a record of:

Dog names, their Grading and points gained at every Regional Event

The secretary (or show secretary)  of the GSDL Club/Group holding the event, will be responsible for supplying the final results, including Gradings to the WUSV/GSDL-BRG general secretary, who in turn will then submit them to the Awards Administrator , who will be responsible for allocating points to the criteria agreed by the WUSV/GSDL-BRG in order to produce the WUSV/GSDL-BRG Annual League Table Awards and/or any other award the WUSV/GSDL-BRG may see fit to create in the future.

D11.      WUSV/GSDL-BRG Events Co-ordinator (EC)

GSD/Clubs/Groups  planning an event , must first contact the EC with their preferred type of event, date and judge/s. The EC will keep a list of events, dates and judges and enter onto the events calendar. The EC will also  prepare an Annual Events Calendar which will constantly be updated as information is received. This information will be forwarded  to the WUSV/GSDL-BRG Chairman who will ensure the events are listed/updated on the GSD League and WUSV/GSDL -BRG websites and an updated copy of the Events calendar will also be sent via e-mail to all WUSV/GSDL-BRG Club/Group members. The EC role is to do all in their power to prevent the overlapping/duplicating of dates of GSD Breed events thereby allowing each GSD Event to attract the maximum amount of entries.


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