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German Shepherd Dog League of Great Britain

Junior Handling                          

Junior handling has become increasingly popular since first being introduced at the WUSV/GSDL- BRG Regional Events.

Classes are divided into two age groups.

6-11 and 12-16

A separate list of questions has been created for each age group and a number of these questions are asked of each junior handler prior to presentation of their dog. (This has also proved to be very educational learning various body parts and the German Shepherd Breed Standard).

Each junior handler then presents the dog in exactly the same manner as would be done for all other classes. The Judges do not expect perfection and help educate the youngster during this phase.

The first Regional events began in 2013 and have seen many of the junior handlers now develop, and are given the opportunity by breeders and exhibitors to handle in the more competitive classes.

JUNIOR HANDLING 2_edited.jpg

We aim to give maximum publicity to our young handlers and aim to promote them all via the GSD League website. Can the parents of our junior handlers please supply their photos whilst handling at various events. By doing so you will be giving permission to publish the photos on the GSDL website.


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