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All GSD owners in the UK can submit Hip, Elbow and back x-rays and DNA samples to the German SV (German Shepherd Dog World Governing body) for results to be recorded in their global database. These results have international recognition.

With recent discussion around the WUSV (World Union of GSD Clubs) Harmonisation programme for the future, we are getting increased interest and enquiries regarding the SV HD/ED/LUW/DNA Scheme in the UK. As the newly appointed registrar for this scheme, i have put some information together, which hopefully explains how it works and answers some of the questions people have.

This scheme is overseen in the UK by the WUSV Working Group - GB (BAGSD & GSDL) and administered on their behalf by myself as the registrar.


Q. What is the SV scheme

The scheme is the SV equivalent of the BVA/KC  hip and elbow scheme. It offers assessment of hips, elbows, LUW, OCD and DNA for identification purposes.

Q. Is the scheme available in the UK

Yes absolutely, there are an increasing number of vets now extremely competent in submitting x-ray plates and DNA to the SV for assessment. The list is available to anyone. However, any vet willing to do so for the first time, can do so. All we ask is that they have a quick chat with the WUSV Working Group - GB consultant vet, Mike Guilliard, in advance of the appointment, so that they are fully aware of requirements in terms of positioning of x-rays and paperwork and if submitting digital x-rays that they register with the scheme, an easy process for them.

Mr Mike Guiliard  MA BetMB Cert SAO MRCV

Cheshire Pet (Sandbach) CW11 4RW

Contact - 07784 202024   or office   07784 202026

Q. What is the cost to do this in the UK

The cost of taking the x-rays and DNA sample are a matter for you and your selected vet. However the SV fees that are paid direct from the WUSV Working Group - GB are as follows. We have recently reviewed these in an effort to maintain the low costs where possible. Th revised costs valid from 1st August 2017.

HD - £60

ED - £60

OCD - £35

HD with LUW together - £85

LUW separately (if HD already evaluated) - £35

DNA - £85

Q. What is LUW and OCD

LUW relates to Lumbar-Sacral Transitional Vertebrae. In absolute laymans terms it is not entirely dissimilar to what we know as Caudia Equine Syndrome

OCD is Osteochondrose - orthopaedic disease of the hip joint

These x-rays are on a voluntary basis currently but may at some point in the future become mandatory.

Q. I want to go ahead and get my dog assessed under this scheme, what do I do next?

Please follow the step by step guide below and feel free to message or call me for any help or guidance at any stage of the process. I am only too happy to help in any way.

WUSV Working Group-GB

Registrar Heather Macdonald     07876 210243


1 - Ensure you have a 5 generation Kennel Club* pedigree for your German Shepherd Dog - Ensure correct ownership on pedigree. ( Must be official pedigree, not homemade).

* Note that a KC pedigree is required for dogs born in the UK, for dogs born in other countries the pedigree must be from the registration authority of the country of birth.

2 - Ensure you are a member of BAGSD/GSDL/SV

3 - Contact registrar in plenty of time, to order SV paperwork and arrange to make payment to the WUSV Working Group-GB, paperwork will be sent once payment is confirmed.

4 - Once paperwork received , make appointment with suitable vet.

5 - If new process to vet make sure they contact Mike Guiliard for guidance in advance of appointment - THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.

6 - Ensure you have original paperwork for dog, as well as a copy of original official pedigree, to attend vet with dog for x-rays.

7 - Take x-rays and complete all paperwork VERY carefully , ensure forms are signed and stamped by vet and signed by owner.

8 - Ensure DNA sample ONLY with accompanying SV form and copy of pedigree are sent to Heidelberg SAME DAY. DO NOT


9 - Ensure x-rays and accompanying SV forms, along with original 5 generation pedigree are suitably packaged and sent immediately to the registrar (Heather Macdonald)

9.1. If x-rays are being submitted digitally by your vet ask them to confirm to you the date of submission and the submission reference number. You must still send the SV accompanying forms to the registrar (Heather Macdonald)

10 - The registrar will ensure paperwork is correctly completed and stamp pedigree before submitting to SV for scoring.

11 - Await results, which can take some weeks. We aim to have results within 4 weeks from submission of forms to SV. Any questions or queries regarding results must be directed through the registrar (Heather Macdonald)

German Shepherd Dog League of Great Britain

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