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The German Shepherd Dog League promotes the GSD  breed and working dog sport in Great Britain.

The GSDL represents one of 85 countries with affiliated membership of  the World Union of German Shepherd Dog Clubs (WUSV).

Local GSDL groups  provide training covering obedience, tracking, protection and ring training. New groups are emerging all the time, details will be updated, as and when.

Being a GSDL member offers the following

1-  WUSV show events (3 different levels) - internationally recognised show grades

2 - SV & WUSV judges

3 - Health screening (internationally approved and recognised SV HD ED DNA scheme

4 - IGP training clubs

5 - IGP trials (internationally recognised trial qualifications

6 - Internationally recognised breed survey Korung

7 - Bicycle endurance exam AD

8 - Up to date worldwide SV & WUSV information

9 - Magazine

10 - Wesensbeurteilung & ZAP

11 - Local & Regional breed clubs 

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German Shepherd Dog League of Great Britain

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