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WUSV/GSDL-BRG Definition of Classes

Upon the request of the show secretary, or the WUSV/GSDL-BRG secretary exhibitors may be asked to provide original documentation to confirm breed survey, koerung, health tests and working qualifications. This should be provided within 21 days of any such request.

Minor Puppy:- for dogs of six (6) and not exceeding nine (9) calendar months of age.
Puppy: - for dogs of nine (9) amd not exceeding twelve (12) calendar months of age.
Junior: (youth, Jungend) - for dogs of twelve (12) months and not exceeding eighteen (18) calendar months of age.
hip and elbow scores are not required, however if a score has been granted it must be disclosed.*
Yearling: (young, Junghund) - for dogs of eighteen (18) months and not exceeding twenty four (24) calendar months of age.
Either a British breed survey pass or GSDL health certificate is declared, or if a breed survey or GSDL health certificate is not yet attained, health test scores must be disclosed.*

*Exhibits with health test results which will not qualify for a breed survey or Koerung pass are not eligible to compete at BRG events. If the score is being appealed, the exhibit is not eligible to compete until the  result of the appeal is known and then falls into the range which would qualify the exhibit to obtain a breed survey or Koerung pass.

Adult 24 months +, British breed survey or GSDL health certificate.
Any dog without Sch/IPO/VPG/IGP or equivalent training degree can enter the Adult class provided they meet the above criteria and passed a British breed survey or have a GSDL health certificate.

WORKING CLASS REQUIREMENTS  Working - Gebrauchshund (24 months+)
  • All dogs must have a training degree of  at least Sch/IPO/VPG/IGP 1 or equivalent.
  • All dogs will be subject to off lead gaiting (no more than one lap of the ring).
  • Any dog without a Koerung, may participate up to three years and six months old maximum, whereby they can achieve the maximum grading of V, thereafter they will only be eligible for the maximum grading of SG (very good).
All dogs over 12 months of age will be required to pass a GUN test.
All dogs over 9 months of age maybe measured.

All dogs with a long coat of which an undercoat MUST be present.
All rules and reguations pertaining to Health Checks, British Breed Survey/ GSDL Health Certificate/ Koerung and working qualifications are also applicable in accordance with the age group classifications as set out above.


German Shepherd Dog League of Great Britain

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