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Code of ethics

  • To only keep the number of animals they can properly maintain and care for. Will properly house, feed, water and exercise all their dogs under their care and arrange for all appropriate veterinary care and attention, if and when needed. Will agree without reservation that any veterinary surgeon performing an operation on any of their dogs which alters the natural confirmation of the animal, may report such operation to the Kennel Club.

  • Will ensure they and their dogs conform to all aspects of the current Animal Welfare Act. Will train all dogs in their care to a reasonable standard to ensure that they are socially acceptable. Not allow any of their dogs to roam at large or cause nuisance to others when away from their home. Ensure that their dogs wear properly tagged collars and are microchipped. Will be kept leashed and under control. Will clean up after their dogs in public places.

  • To refuse a stud service to any bitch that is known to be epileptic or suffering from any known defect which would render it unsuitable for breeding. Neither to use a stud dog who is considered to have these failings. All breeding stock to be x-rayed with hips and elbows, with no more than 20 for hips (no higher than 12 on one side) and 1 for elbows. SV status must be normal, fast normal or noch zugelassen for hips and elbows. (It is recommended that all relevant health schemes for the breed are in place before breeding, including Haemophilia, DM and PD).

  • Will only sell dogs where there is a reasonable expectation of a happy and healthy life and will help the re-homing of a dog if the initial circumstances change. Will agree that no healthy puppy will be culled. Puppies which may not conform to the breed standard should be placed in suitable homes. Will supply written details of all dietary requirements and give guidance concerning responsible ownership when placing dogs in a new home. Will not sell to any commercial dog wholesalers, retail pet dealers or directly or indirectly allow dogs to be given as a prize or donation of any kind. In the case of an adult dog, not knowingly sell an epileptic dog and agree to an x-ray of the hips and elbows if desired by the buyer. The onus to be on the buyer to request this and to pay the expenses. To ensure all puppies are microchipped and transfer documentation available for the new owner. Breeders who endorse the KC registration documents must advise the buyer in writing that this has been done. Will not knowingly misrepresent the characteristics of the breed nor falsely advertise dogs nor mislead any person regarding the health or quality of a dog. Will not sell by sale or auction Kennel Club registration certificates as standalone items (not accompanying a dog).

  • Breach of these provisions may rsult in expulsion from club membership, and/or reporting to the relevant authorities for legal action as appropriate.

  • March 2020

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