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GSDL Health Certificate

To apply for a GSDL Health certificate contact John Ward e mail 

Question - Why would i need one?

Answer -  Current requirement for entry into a WUSV GSDL/ BRG Event - Adult Classes (24 month+)
  • A GSDL Health Certificate (See below) or
  • A Breed Survey (Link)
Question  -  What is a health certificate?

Answer  -   A Health certificate is individual and unique to each dog certified. It contains an ID number plus details of a dogs KC registration name, number, and microchip number, also HD, ED grades or scores and DNA parentage profiles, proven or tested.
What is a WUSV GSDL/BRG Regional Event?
  • The WUSV is the organisation of worldwide GSD National Clubs.
  • GSDL/BRG (British Regional Group) Organisation of local GSD groups responsible for the running of the GSDL Breed shows in the UK.
  • Regional Event - The name of the shows. Results and grades are recorded, and grading cards issued.
  • Grading card - The card issued to each dog displaying its individual details and grade, recorded and recognised internationally.


ADULT CLASS Requirements - 24 Months +
  • British Breed Survey or GSDL Health Certificate
  • Any dog without a Sch/VPG/IPO/IGP or equivalent training degree can enter the Adult Class provided they meet the criteria and have passed a British Breed Survey or have a GSDL Health Certificate
  • YEARLING CLASS (Junghund) Requirements - 18-24 months
  • Dogs of 18 and not exceeding 24 calendar months of age. Either a British Breed Survey Pass or a GSDL Health Certificate is declared, or if a breed survey or GSDL Health Certificate is not yet attained health test scores must be declared.
HD - BVA scores of less than 20 with a maximum of 12 in one side  ie. 12:8 or 8:12.  SV A stamp, normal, fast normal, or noch zugelassen
ED - For dogs born after 31/1219, an elbow score of 0 or 1 (BVA) or an A stamp (SV), normal, fast normal, noch zugelassen is required to enter a BRG show from 18 months upwards (This would also be a requirement for issue of a GSDL Health Certificate.
DNA - (Blood test) SV (usually done at time of SV HD/ED X-ray)  In the UK obtainable from `Animal DNA Diagnostics`
Any additional health tests may be recorded on the Certificate but are not a pre requisite for entry to a GSDL BRG Event
Link to explanation and how to apply for SV Scheme Hips, Elbows and DNA.

LINK to German Shepherd UK DNA Test


German Shepherd Dog League of Great Britain

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