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GSD League of GB Social media policy

The German Shepherd Dog League of Great Britain recognises the value of social media for keeping in touch with members and promoting our activities. We also recognise that social media can be abused to the detriment of the organisation. This policy seeks to clarify our use of social media and to explain the actions that will be taken if it is misused.

The German Shepherd Dog League of GB  uses the following forms of social media

Facebook pages 

GSD League of Great Britain

WUSV British Regional Group

Facebook group

GSDL Working Dog Branch

These will be used to pass on useful information to members and to promote our activities and events. GSD League council members, BRG committee members, and Working Dog

Group Executive committee members will not express opinions will not express opinions about League business on social media.

Administrators of GSD League social media will respond to requests for information but will not enter into discussion or express opinion about League business.

Messages  sent to the organisation  via social media which require consideration by officers will not be acted upon or responded to.

Such messages should be e-mailed to the secretary of the relevant section of the organisation whose contact details can be found on the relevant website.

It is recognised that some people may try to use social media to express their dissatisfaction with the League. This can undermine the activities of the organisation and the proper, democratically bestowed,  mandate of its officers.  Non -members who wish to do this will be requested to remove their comments and asked to refrain from repeating such actions. If they do repeat their actions they will be blocked from the relevant page or group.

The GSD League welcomes feedback from its members and members are reminded that they can put any compliments, concerns or complaints in writing to the secretary of the relevant section of the organisation. If they are not satisfied with the outcome of any reply or action taken then they have the right to call a Special General Meeting in accordance with the organisation`s constitution which can be found on the website.

Any member who chooses not to follow the above procedure and persistently makes serious allegations about the organisation or its officers on social media (wether it be on the organisations pages or groups elsewhere) will be requested to move their comments and asked to refrain from repeating such actions

If they do repeat their actions then they may be blocked from the organisations pages or groups. Ultimately a serious infringement of this policy may result in disciplinary action.




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