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2024  APR 17TH SV

Roswitha Dannenburg statement 

"WUSV Presidents letter to all members"


"it is our sad duty to inform you about the premature and unexpected death of Mr Mark Plunkett, President to the German Shepherd Dog Club of Ireland on March 16th.He was only 52 and played a leading role in this club. Mr Plunkett became a German Shepherd Dog breed enthusiast at a very early age. During his childhood he accompanied his father to their local chapter and later became a gifted handler who led many doss to success. He was elected President to the German Shepherd Dog Club of Ireland in 2019. His passing will leave a big gap in the club`s organisation - challenge to be filled again. Our thoughts are with his family and his partner of many years. The WUSV worldwide community has once again lost an important stakeholder for our sake.

2024 SV

March editorial  - Daniele Strazzeri. (SV Vice President)

"In this editorial, i would like to  draw your  attention to an initiative that came together in January 2023 to campaign for the preservation of our working dog"........

2024 SV

February editorial  - Dr Barbara Ullrich-Kornadt. (SV press officer)

"Information : the breed needs to be presented to the public in its entirety and diversity outside of training grounds and club events".........

2024 SV

January editorial - Daniela Thoring (SV Head of Youth )

"As the club`s youth head, i have the great privilege of supporting our young people, acting as an advocate for them

2023 SV

December editorial - Roswitha Dannenburg (SV President)

"The German Shepherd, whether in breeding, or in sport and/or family dog, is a philosophy of life."

WUSV -World Championship UNIVERSAL 2024 - in Semur en Auxois - France from 01/05/24 to 05/05/24

(Atttention deadline for registrations is April 5th 2024)

WUSV - World Championship IP - in Meppen -Germany from 01/10/24  to 06/10/24 

WUSV -World Championship UNIVERSAL 2025 - in  Grossostheim - Germany   20/06/25 to 22/06/25  

German Shepherd Dog League of Great Britain

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